What are the advantages and disadvantages of powder coating

Abstract: In recent years, environmental protection and energy saving have increasingly become a hot topic in home decoration, building materials with energy saving and environmental protection functions have gradually become the new favorite in the building materials market, powder coating powder is one of them. What exactly is powder coating powder? ​The powder coating powder is a new kind of solvent-free 100% solid powder coating. What are the advantages and disadvantages of powder coating powder? The following is a small series for you to introduce!

Powder coating powder into the new favorite environmental protection powder coating powder has its advantages and disadvantages.​

A, powder coating powder introduction:

Powder coating powder is completely different from the general coating. It is a new solvent free 100% solid powder coating. Because no solvent is used, it has the characteristics of no solvent, no pollution, recyclable, environmental protection, saving energy and resources, reducing labor intensity and high mechanical strength of the film.

Two, the advantages of powder coating powder:

1, health and environmental protection. In order to achieve the performance of coating and add a variety of liquid chemical harmful film, dispersion, wetting, leveling, anti-corrosion and mildew additives.

2, convenient transportation and storage. Common paint is about 20-50% of the water or solvent, and powder paint powder, neither water, no solvent, is completely solid, convenient transportation safety. In addition, water or solvent paint, when the temperature of transportation and storage is below 0℃, often frozen, powder paint powder does not exist this problem.

3, do not need preservatives. In the traditional liquid paint, there is both water and bacterial food, which is easily contaminated by bacteria. Therefore, in order to prevent deterioration, to add preservatives, and latex powder coating powder without bacterial contamination problem, do not need preservatives.


4, the paint residual odor is small. Compared with the general traditional paint smell residue, powder coating powder can be dispersed very quickly, can be said to be coated that is.

Three, the shortcomings of powder coating powder:

Uneven powder on the corners; ​it is difficult to cover up the film defects after curing; ​high curing condition.

Four. Storage mode of powder coating powder:

1. Keep away from fire and avoid direct sunlight. It should be placed in a well-ventilated place with a temperature below 35℃.

2. Avoid being stored in places easily contaminated by water, organic solvents, oil and other materials.

3. Do not expose the powder in the air after using the powder coating powder. The mouth of the bag should be sealed or tightened at any time to avoid impurities.

4, avoid long-term contact with the skin, the powder attached to the skin should be washed clean with soapy water, do not use solvents.

5. The equipment used in painting operation should be well grounded to eliminate static electricity.

6, avoid the coating machine gratuitous discharge phenomenon.

7. In the powder spraying room, the concentration of planktonic dust should be controlled below the safe concentration as far as possible to avoid the danger of dust fire and explosion.


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