5 thoughts on “I was a small jewelry wholesale in Anyang. The warehouse management was very chaotic and troublesome. Which one is better?”

  1. It is recommended that "Kondo wholesaler's sales deposit" is an integrated management software for investment and sales. Baidu "Kayaki wholesaler's sales deposit" can be found. Software has the following characteristics:
    1. Support multiple measuring units (such as: inventory is displayed as 10 pieces of 8 bottles), the number of units in size automatically calculates each other; Library);
    3. Price management (can be priced in a commodity N to meet the needs of different customers and different prices)
    4. Special price promotion (can specify customer promotion, and can specify time range, total limit, per order per order
    5. Combining special offer (you can specify the date of date, the scope of the customer, the total limit or the total limited edition, the limited type, etc.)
    6. , And you can specify whether the cost of gifts should be undertaken by itself or the supplier, whether the calculation method of the gift is per order or cumulative calculation, etc.);
    7. The supplier is undertaken by itself);
    8. Rebate management (you can manage the rebate of the supplier, or you can manage the customer's rebate);
    9. The commissioning method, and the same commodity, different customers, and different commission) can only calculate the commission of the settlement documents;
    10. You can manage the customer's quota, settlement method, settlement days, rebate, settlement date, etc.; Beyond the settlement date of the settlement date If the customer is still not echoing, it is not allowed to make orders and sales orders.
    11. You can specify the annual expense plan. For the supplier fee for padding, the cost can be transferred to the upstream supplier by turning the cushion to form the receivable; for the promotion discount agreed by the upstream supplier, it can also be transformed by discounting the pad. The discount is packed to the upstream supplier to form a receivable. Through the list of expenses, you can clearly see the total cost of each customer, how much the pads, and the self -funding;
    12. Management of the collection, advance payment, and reconciliation function of the management of the unit;
    13. You can view the gross profit of each customer's sales and the gross profit after removal;
    14. The efficient and fast -moving method is opened. Find in code and specifications;
    15. Support assembly and split;
    16. Perfect authority management can not only set up, open orders, modify, delete, review, and counter audit, but also in advance. Views, allow the minimum price, secondary document printing, etc. to perform permission settings;
    15. Seamless docking with the handheld terminal. When the business personnel are visited, they can be sold by handheld terminals; after returning, they can be uploaded directly to the software without required secondary entry, which is convenient and fast; Small ticket printing. And the front desk supports offline sales and remote sales, which can achieve seamless docking in ADSL mode. The front desk sales also support membership discounts, membership prices, entire sales, etc.

  2. There are many sales software on the market, there are free version, commercial version, cracked version, what should we choose to choose to be suitable for ourselves.
    First of all, we must clarify the needs of ourselves and enterprises so that management can choose the sales management software according to our needs. Only these can choose to deposit suitable for ourselves. The full function is not necessarily suitable for self -use, and the function of simple functions is not necessarily bad. The purpose of our software is to help ourselves improve their work efficiency and manage the company's exchanges more effectively. Putting, Purieo's inventory software is a full -featured business management software suitable for individuals and individual households. It removes the complex and proprietary characteristics of some enterprises. It is designed for individual households. Management ability is an individual household, the most ideal business and sales management software for individuals. Purieo's inventory software can not only be used on individual individual households, but also can be applied to the purchase, sales, and account management of SMEs. It fully supports multi -warehouses. The financial functions are more complete. Each business company can use it. Order tracking function and wholesale management of Purieo's inventory software, bank management, is the first choice for large, small and medium -sized enterprises. We can choose according to our actual needs. The last thing to pay attention to is: Do not use the cracking version of the management software. These softwares are generally not commercial, without any commercial security, and there will be a loss if there is a problem.
    Pri -input and sales management system software V3.0 can be downloaded on the official website of Guangzhou Puri Software.

  3. You can try the "ZS8 Warehouse Management Software" of "British Soft Technology" easy to use, classic, safe, easy to get started. Single -machine version is free to use.

  4. The key is the management of the warehouse, which must be responsible for people, such as the specifications that cannot be received at will. Then the inventory of the warehouse must be responsible for the warehouse and management personnel, and use the warehouse to manage the software. Members. That's it. Warehouse software is recommended to use Jinzhe software

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