4 thoughts on “My girlfriend said that Wanjia's gold is good, cooperates with central enterprises, and has high investment in gold. Is it true?”

  1. It is true. The gold investment is quite good. The gold value is stable and has a long -lasting value. The market value has risen all the way. This group is safe. Well -known enterprises, cooperation with central enterprises, and investment are safer.
    The expansion information:
    1, gold investment: gold for a long time has been an investment tool. It is highly valuable and is an independent resource, which is not limited by any country or trading market, and it is not involved with the company or the government. Therefore, investment gold can usually help investors avoid problems that may occur in the economic environment. Moreover, gold investment is the most tax burden in the world. Gold investment means investing in gold bars, gold coins, and even gold jewelry. There are many different types of gold accounts in the investment market.
    2, gold investment method: There are several major ways of gold investment in my country: investment gold bars, investment gold coins, gold management accounts, gold vouchers, gold futures, gold options, gold stocks, gold funds, international spot, Tiantong gold and Paper gold. Here we will give you a detailed explanation.
    3, Wanjia Gold: Wanjia Golden Jewelry (Shandong) Co., Ltd. was established on March 05, 2021. The company's business scope includes: general projects: jewelry and jewelry retail; gold and silver product sales; jewelry wholesale; sales of metal chains and other metal products; sales of non -ferrous metal alloys; crafts and arts products (except ivory and its products); Internet; Internet; Internet; Internet; Internet; Internet; Internet; Internet; Sales (except for sales of products required for sales); Internet security services; Internet data services, etc.
    4, gold: Gold (GOLD) is a single -quality form of chemical element gold (AU). It is a soft, golden, corrosive precious metal. Gold is one of the rare, precious and extremely valued metals. Internationally, gold is generally based on ounces. In ancient China, "two" was used as a gold unit, and it was a very important metal. It is not only a special currency for reserves and investment, but also an important material for the jewelry, electronics, modern communications, aerospace and air industry and other departments.

  2. Wanjia gold is really good. There are entities. I also went to Baima Temple Gold Mine, which is trustworthy. But I also saw a bad voice. I think these voices come from envy, jealousy and hate,

  3. It is not possible. Wanjia Gold is affiliated with Wanjia Group. The group headquarters is in Shanghai. It mainly operates the business to cover multiple fields such as gold products and jewelry. But recently, the routine of Wanjia gold has been frequently revealed like online MLM. Some people have used this routine to cheat money in 14 years. It was established in March 21st, and it will almost run away for more than half a year. If you open it now, you will lose money.
    The state -owned enterprise endorsed by the "Wanjia Gold" platform is this company called "China Huayu", but this only shows "investment institutions", and "Wanjia Gold" is not displayed as "China Huayu" A subsidiary of its subsidiary? Has his face again, this is the second time. Take a step back, even if "China Huayu" is an endorsement of "Wanjia Gold", is it necessary for the company's name to start with "China"?
    In Baidu directly searching "China Huayu", click on the Baidu Encyclopedia in the picture above, you can see the place where the red pen is circled. List, the company is listed. " However, Wanjia Gold has recently reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Yuying Industrial Co., Ltd.. Shanghai Yuying Industrial Co., Ltd. belongs to China Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a central enterprise of 100 % controlled by the SASAC.
    but Ponzi scams similar to Wanjia gold.
    "Ponzi scam" is a title of investing fraud in the financial field. It is also known as "disassembling the east wall to make up the West Wolf" in China and "empty glove white wolf". Pay interest and short -term returns to make the illusion of making money and deceive more investment.].
    has happened before many similar incidents. Caused hundreds of millions of citizens. Wanjia Gold has no official hammer so far. The company is still in operation and reminds investors to pay attention to risks. Recently, the state has launched the National Anti -Fraud Center APP. You can go down, there should be similar case publicity in it.

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