3 thoughts on “There are special snacks in Suzhou Shantang Street”

  1. Sugar painting; pear paste sugar; stinky tofu; various noodles; stew
    Okay, only these are left in the memory
    Suzhou mountain ponds are still crafts, silk, and some very interesting gadgets. Intersection

  2. 1. Da Ah Er Sheng Ji
    2, smelling odor tofu

    3, Rongyang Tower
    4, Shantang Street special snack bar
    5, Zhu Xinnian snack shop

    6, Caizhizhai

    7, plum cake cake begonia cake
    8, Zhao Yuanzhang Bak Kutakus

  3. There are many places to buy things here, but Guanqian Street is more targeted at foreign tourists. There are Caizhi Zhai and Ye Shouhe, who bought Tu specialties, and Subang Caihelong Tower. Shi Lu is more fashionable.
    This is also very good by the side of the lake. In the ancient towns around Suzhou, they have their own characteristics. At the time of eating crabs, you have to come to Suzhou now, and you can go to Weiting Yangcheng Lake to eat crabs
    . It is not delicious after a while.

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