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  1. Gifts for customers 4S stores are best to give the price directly to the preferential price. Sending maintenance, maintenance 劵 劵 劵, giving films, foot pads, etc.
    1. Automatic umbrella
    For a small gift that is commonly used to send customers, it is relatively practical. Most of our customers who buy cars have the habit of preparing an umbrella in the car. Although we can hide in the car on rainy days, it is inevitable that there will be a cost -effective umbrella at this time.
    2. Insulation cup
    The insulation cup is also a regular gift for 4S shops. This insulation cup can be opened with one hand and drinking water directly. It avoids the trouble of two hands when driving. After all, we also need at least one hand on the steering wheel.
    3. Backpack
    is more commonly used in backpacks. Everyone may have a habit. If there is no person in the co -driver, we always like to put the bag on the co -driver, put some files and computers in the bag, etc. , Use it at any time at any time.
    4. Tip box
    I believe that a lot of 4S shops will have some manufacturers' original lever boxes as driving gifts, printed on the car box of the car, and put them in the trunk of the new car. Species.
    5. Car's neck pillow
    The headrest is definitely a necessary gift in our car. This headrest is made of leather and memory cotton. It is not easy to deform. It can not only protect our cervical spine, but also the partner sitting in the co -driver can also sleep more comfortably. In order to effectively relieve the saddling and relieve fatigue.

  2. Come some actual best. 1. Direct car price gives the best discount. 2. Sending maintenance 劵, maintenance is OK. 3. Sending film, foot pads, etc. 4. Send the trolley case of the car brand, umbrella, etc.
    4s Store's activity gifts can be divided into 5 major categories: clue gifts, test driving gifts, sign -in gifts, car purchase gifts, and maintenance ceremony. If it is a gift from the customer when engaged in the event in the store, it is recommended to choose mobile phone anti -sliding pads, car trash bins, three -foot electric massage, keyboard vacuum cleaners, USB heating mouse pads, personalized lighters, etc. Please refer to the above.

  3. The car -in -board storage bag used in the car room is very tidy and clean after packing. At that time, let the 4S shop send these, but no, it is a pillow, perfume or something!

  4. Come some actual best.
    1. Direct car price gives the best discount.
    2, sending maintenance 劵, maintenance 劵 行.
    3, sending a film, foot pad, etc.
    4, the trolley case, umbrella, etc. of the car brand.

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