1. 1. Give girls can give some girls who prefer it, gifts such as music boxes and music pillows are all preferred by girls;

    2, gifts for cuteness, girls compare to girls compare If you like plush toys, you can send her a big teddy bear or Hello Kitty, which girl will not want to hold such a large toy home?

    3. Give it to boys, then send practical points, such as wallets, leather bags, razors, watches, etc. are all practical gifts, and they are also men's personal items;

    4. You can consider sending some small accessories pendants, such as keychains, car models, funny sounds, Swiss military knives, etc., are more interested in men, and there is no special meaning. It is very real.

    5, what is important to give gifts is to understand their hobbies, and gifts are the best according to their hobbies.

    6, birthday cake. This is the last gift that does not need to hurt your brain. Save time and deserve it.

    If it is a female friend, you can consider sending skin care products. For example, mask or something. Of course, those who can be delivered as a birthday gift must be a relatively famous brand, otherwise it will not be happy to send a grade, and the other party will not be happy to receive the gift.

    If it is a male friend, if the relationship is good enough, you can send gifts such as the expensive price of watch. If the relationship is average, you can consider sending a wallet or something.

    The best gift is what the other party needs. You can ask the other party, and then let your friend send the online link he wants to buy. You send it directly to the other party. This is a way to be satisfied with both parties. Of course, it is also suitable for friends with better relationships.

  2. You can write a letter and tell him (her) you cherish him or her friend. Come with a favorite thing for him or her. When girls, they can be accompanied by a flower of her favorite; if the boy, just send a model he likes. If he likes anime, he can also send a hand. Of course, it is necessary to determine according to the condition of the hand. Ha ha.

  3. According to your understanding of her, think about her character, hobbies, interests and other characteristics to select gifts. In addition, you have to consider the price you have to be affected. It will make her happy, you also have face, you can also think about what she needs recently, or I don't want to buy it for a long time.

  4. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am an emotional counselor Ru Ru very happy to serve you. Your question has been received, and you are sorting out the answer. Answer you in about 5 minutes, please later ~nIt can be a exquisite pens, bags, lipsticks, or belt, electric toothbrushes, depending on how close your friend is male or female, and how close your relationship is, choose gifts as appropriate

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