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  1. Introduction: When it comes to the "wooden showcase", many people must not feel strange. The wooden showcase, as the name implies, is made of different woods to place the goods and use it to display the goods. , Specialty stores and other places, as long as they are often shopping, they should be able to see it very often, so the wooden showcases will not be unfamiliar to many people. For those who want to open a store or are opening a store, it is necessary to understand the price of wooden showcases, because this can help them buy a high -quality wooden showcase. Next, everyone will follow the editor Let's take a look at the price of wooden showcases!

    Wooden showcase Introduction:
    wooden showcases refer to using various kinds of wood The shots and different wood species such as fir, oak, etc. are mainly produced by the showcase factory.
    The wooden showcases mainly have five types of cabinets, namely high cabinets, dwarf cabinets, cashier, assembly platforms, and Zhongdao cabinets. In the after -sales service, free warranty, free installation, and material replacement.

    The latest price details of wooden showcases:
    The booth design and production booths to build professional exhibition booths ¥ 650.0
    Cabinet ¥ 1580.0
    This rack clothing Maternal and baby shop container, cabinet children's shoe shelter grilled lacquer wooden shelves ¥ 380.0
    round wooden cabinet boutique shoe cabinet wooden island cabinet bookcase Object Wallet Show Mask Packaging Counter Wooden Small Showcase ¥ 196.0
    Island cabinet bookstore display cabinet wooden display cabinet ¥ 100.0
    wooden H showcase rice bucket miscellaneous grain cabinet dry fruit shelves supermarket special rice bucket grain cabinet ¥ 1200.0
    Rangers ¥ 4850.0
    Customized wooden wine showcase display cabinet density board material ¥ 1200.0
    The white children's clothing wooden showcase brand European style children's clothing display cabinet ¥ 2000.0
    Mobile phone cabinet ¥ 1200.0
    mine Chinese medicine bucket medium -level shopping mall shelf drawer shelf pharmacies ¥ 3100.0
    wooden shelves. Spray paint showcase. Exquisite exhibition cabinet environmentally friendly lacquer wooden exquisite cosmetics counter display cabinet ¥ 1500.0

    above is the introduction of wooden showcases and its latest price details. Learn about. I believe that after reading the relevant introduction of the wooden showcases and the latest price details of the above editor, you should have a better understanding of the price of wooden showcases. In the future, everyone will open a store in the future If you can buy a wooden showcase yourself, you don't have to worry about the information of the relevant price, but the seller is pitted.

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