Why are international brand gold jewelry 18K and there are no 24K?

I am preparing to buy a gold ring abroad, but I asked 18K gold, no 24K, including Cartier, etc. Does anyone know why?

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  1. The hardness of 18K gold is the most suitable for jewelry, suitable for styling and suitable for inlaid. And can make jewelry works in the most beautiful state through polishing. In the process of investing in the process, the color of 24K gold will not be used as jewelry abroad. The color of 24K gold is vulgar, love deforms, and cannot be inlaid. The style cannot be too complicated. It's jewelry. But you buy a piece of jewelry in Cartier, instead of buying gold.
    The people ask why 18K gold is so expensive? Because the most suitable material is matched with the most suitable gemstone Only by the most perfect art given by the jewelry master will create a luxury of sky -high price.

  2. Because the 24K hardness is too high, many styles are not easy to do. If it is inlaid with the tip of diamonds or gems, 24K will not work, it can't be set, it is easy to drop, so it is 18K. Most of the 24K gold jewelry is plane and very simple. Essence Essence Essence

  3. Because the cost of 18K is low, and luxury goods are sky -high, it is convenient for them to make more. The exploitation performance of capitalist countries to the fullest

  4. The color of 18K gold can be adjusted (75%of the gold content adds different metals to present different colors, such as MIX silver is white, MIX copper presents the gold of roses). Buy a Cartier to wear it for a few weeks?
    🙂 Hope to help you

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