Why is red wine more intoxicating than white?

Speaking of drinking baijiu, as a Chinese, it can be said that the country is full of drunks. Because of the existence of baijiu culture, as long as you participate in various feasts and dinners in work or life, then you are bound to drink some bait.

But even though white wine is very popular in domestic, consumption is also surprisingly more customers, as the existence of strong wine and liquor, must wait for low-alcohol wine than beer, cocktail, nature is also easier to "drink", but as everyone thought is most likely to "intoxicate" among all the wine liquor, but there are many patrons who said: red wine than white wine is more intoxicating 39bet-kết quả bóng đá-kết quả xổ số miền bắc-kèo bóng đá -soi cầu bóng đá-đặt cược !

Many people wonder why a wine that is only 10 to 20 proof is more intoxicant than a white wine that is 40 to 50 proof. Isn't that crazy? There are connoisseurs who understand that, yes, red wine is more intoxicating than white wine, and it has nothing to do with alcohol, for three reasons.

Reason one: Red wine contains many more alcohol than white wine.​
Because our country the people drink too much liquor, and liquor is also commonly is pure grain brewing, so the general on the raw materials do not have too big difference, the only obvious different point is likely to be "alcohol degree", so the liquor to judge who is more "easy" intoxicate this, according to most of the people is also preferred alcohol degree judgment, the judgment methods, however, It doesn't seem to apply to the wine emerging from abroad.

Since red wine brewing does not use grain, but mostly uses grapes as the main material, with some other fruits through natural fermentation of fruit wine, the actual content of wine is not alcohol but grape juice, and the actual alcohol content of grape fermentation is only between 10% and 30%. Other are all kinds of impurities, alcohol, alcoholic acid, lipid and other components of more than 1000 kinds, and these miscellaneous alcohol impurities, after drinking too much, are particularly easily to cause "head reaction", which is called "more intoxicating".

d22ea7c55afad96cb1ed0fa1618f5862And in contrast, most of domestic high-quality liquor, is to choose the pure grain brewing, and process are complex, although is also a natural fermentation, but because there are artificial participation in cooking, distillation and other steps, a complete set of application after the walk, drinks the impurity basically is actually very few, so that they can get such a colorless transparent "liquor", so the liquor if regardless of degree, Is far less "intoxicating" than wine.

Because red wine itself tastes sour and bitter, it is not very good to drink, so it is not suitable for drinking. Most people like to drink red wine slowly. Its purpose is to taste the unique fruit in red wine, but do so. The consequences are also very serious. Why?

Red wine to drink more slowly because of you, so I do not know how much, you drink very likely in imperceptible in is already drinking too much, and the accumulation of the impurity of alcohol in your body also can work together, leading to eventually you will be particularly "above", and duration of some, than to drink a large glass of white wine feel it some more.

Reason three: maybe you accidentally mixed drinks cause
Because most drinking friends prefer to drink liquor or beer in the wine court, and even if there is red wine on the table, there is also a large probability to drink liquor or drink liquor and then drink red wine. This practice is very not worth advocating.

Because white wine, as a highly alcoholic beverage made from pure grains, is fundamentally different from wine made from pure grapes and fruits. Moreover, the wine making process of white wine has heating treatment, so the overall wine quality is relatively stable. On the contrary, red wine is mainly fermented, so the final internal active ingredients are very much. So two completely different to other drinks if "mix drink", its unpredictable combination reaction is you can't afford, and within the active ingredient in red wine can also accelerate liquor alcohol eat out of your mind, causing you to end up being more easily, but because you are after drinking red wine, you will think more "easy" intoxicate red wine than white wine.

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