These are the ways to get hair extensions

"Bring my hair down to my waist. You will marry me "this sentence believes that numerous people have heard, that when the hair can reach the waist, don't worry, simply need to get a hair on it. You can choose the hair extension method that suits you according to your personal preference.

Now numerous girls now have a head of tall black hair, but the hair is too late, and in the process of lengthy hair, they also need to slowly take a haircut, extremely consumption of time and physical strength. What should be done at this time? Many people think of hair extensions, but, hair extensions have numerous side effects? The hair extension manufacturer will be introduced as follows.

1, the glue joint

Glue hair is not recommended to use the method of hair extension, because after cleaning several times it is easy to cause hair unglue, and becomes especially messy.

2, Brad​

​The brain is a high level of technology, otherwise it will be easy to see the flaw. Pay attention when washing and combing your hair. If you don't comb your hair carefully, it is easy to hook the wig off, and washing your hair is also a bit inconvenient, so you need to be careful.

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The hair is easy to fall out after the buckle and join, so it is not recommended to use this method.

4, traceless hair extensions

Now numerous stars and Internet celebrities are using this method of hair extension, because it is not easy to see the trace of hair extension, the operation speed is not quick, also do not have to worry about the problem of washing and combing hair, hair is not easy to drop. It's the way people like hair extensions.

So do hair extensions have numerous side effects?

1. Easy to lose hair According to many people who get hair extensions, if they get hair extensions, they will usually lose some hair for no reason, which makes them extremely uncomfortable. So if you are one of those people who have extremely short hair, you must be prepared to get your hair done.

2, the retention time is short, the hair is typically kept for a few months, only half a year, the validity is relatively short.

3. Hair extensions are made by using chemical glue to stick other people's hair to their own hair. That chemical can easily cause damage to human skin. ​Thus hair extensions vary from person to person, depending on what kind of people you belong to. People with allergic skin and thin hair should avoid hair extensions.

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