Where does the diamond ring specify most people customize?

Because my girlfriend is about to celebrate birthday after a while, and I want to propose to her on her birthday, and I want to customize the proposal diamond ring, so I want to ask the diamond ring to specify most people where the most people customize Intersection

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  1. Personally, it is better to customize your own diamond ring that dedicated to your own. Many jewelry shops can be made in diamond ring, screening a naked diamond yourself, and then selecting the favorite style, and then requiring clamp customization according to your size. This is the most popular way of 80 and 90s. Before customizing, naturally find a reliable brand, your favorite brand, and then explain your specific needs with customer service, specifically explain what kind of diamond ring you want to customize. You can design it yourself, draw the design drawing, or tell the designer your own thoughts, and then let the designer make the diamond ring drawing according to your ideas. Generally, the renderings are viewed on the computer. If you are satisfied, you must choose the material of the diamond ring. This material problem is different from person to person. Some people love 18K gold alone, but some people prefer platinum. However, the combination of platinum and diamonds is the most popular and most colorful.
    of course, the choice of diamonds inlaid diamonds is important. The choice of diamonds is divided into shape and size. From the shape of the diamond, different shapes of diamond inlaid are different, the required process is different, and the mainstream is a round diamond. From the size of the diamond, the size of the diamond will have different degrees of effect on the time of custom diamond ring. In addition, the style of diamond ring also affects the custom time. If you choose the style of a secondary diamond, the customized time will be extended.
    The general diamond ring customization time is about 1 month. This time is a bit long. Some models can be 1 week and need to be considered comprehensive consideration. If the time is too urgent, it can only be recommended to buy a finished diamond ring.
    Is to choose what brand and price, varies from person to person, but personal suggestions are the more famous brands that are made, at least make yourself more assured. Such as: Levis diamond ring, only one person sent one person throughout his life, to your favorite person, and a romantic meaning of only one person in his life. As a proposal token, it is still welcomed by lovers.

  2. There are a lot of jewelry shops that can customize diamond rings now, you just choose one you like. Or you can also see if you can customize it according to the jewelry shop that your girlfriend likes. In fact, what brand of diamond ring for marriage proposal is not the most important. The most important thing is that you really want to get married

  3. The quality of diamonds has nothing to do with the brand! You can order online, buying diamonds online is cheaper, but I am afraid that you don't feel guaranteed! Therefore, you can choose a shop online, but there are physical stores! This will feel more secure! It seems that Effle jewelry is pretty good!

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