3 thoughts on “How much is the proposal ring? Do you want to buy a large artificial synthetic diamond?”

  1. The proposal ring is expensive and cheap. Generally, there are more styles of 7,000 to 230,000 to 2 to 30,000. Choose a diamond ring. I still hope to choose a natural diamond. Although artificially is cheap, it is difficult to get everyone's recognition. If you have a brand, you can compare each other, such as searching for the popularity according to Baidu, understand everyone’s brand selection number

  2. The proposal ring is diamond. In fact, it can also be considered artificially, but it is not artificially synthetic diamonds. The artificial art of Mossan is cultivated in the United States. Although Mozang Stone is artificially divided into gems, because it itself is similar to that of the diamond physical properties, and it is better than diamonds. That is to say twice the light more than diamonds. However, if you do n’t know, it is recommended that you search for more information based on Baidu.

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