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  1. 1. The gold necklace is broken. The best way is to bring the invoices and other receipts to buy the gold jewelry store for replacement. During the period. If the warranty package is changed, please pay for it yourself! Many gold shops and some luxury maintenance centers have professional welding equipment and technologies, which can soon weld the broken gold necklace together!
    2, you can also buy a new gold necklace or other jewelry. You can make up for the difference. The gold necklace is not necessarily welded. You can also change a new jewelry.
    3, the gold necklace is broken. After all, the material and purity of the gold neck chain after the recreational casting have not changed, and the welding traces cannot be seen! However, it takes a lot of money to reinstate the casting, which can melt the broken gold necklace and make gold jewelry such as gold rings, gold bracelets or earrings.
    4. You can not be welded again. You can use gemstones. For example, gold inlaid jade, you can choose some gems, such as jade, rhinestone and other welding on the gold necklace, making the gold necklace more noble and exquisite.
    This information: Method of maintenance gold necklace

    . The cleaning method of the gold necklace n can be used in a small amount of ammonia water to clean the gold necklace. Add water, add a small amount of ammonia water, and shake the container mouth tightly with force, and then remove the necklace out. Of course, for the thousand -foot gold necklace that is often worn, you also need to pay attention to the buckle of the necklace. You can regularly drop a sewing machine oil to the switch to prevent the miniature spring rust in the switch.
    . The cleaning of the dust of the gold necklace
    It often wearing gold jewelry will inevitably be covered with dust. The easiest way to clean the dust and dirt of the gold jewelry Washing and rubbing, you can also use skimmed cotton balls to dip the soapy water and scrub without water alcohol, but be sure not to scrub the polished particles such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper, or fine sand cloth to avoid particles and gold frictions from using gold frictions. The weight of the gold necklace is reduced, causing losses.
    three, fire roasting gold necklace to remove white spots
    It many women often make up when wearing precious metal necklaces, due to the results of micro -silver contained in cosmetics, which causes white spots or whitening after contacting cosmetics in cosmetics in cosmetics In the face of this situation, you must pay attention not to use a knife scraping or sandpaper to polish the necklace. You only need to bake the white gold necklace in the fire, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Gloss.

  2. The gold necklace is broken, and the solution is as follows:
    1. The stores that can be used with jewelry and bills to buy can help the technicians to see if it can be repaired. Many gold shops now have professional welding equipment to make the broken gold. Necklace welding.
    2. If the necklace cannot be maintained, you can consider changing money at this time. On the basis of the old cash, some old cities processing fees can be added to make up a certain price difference to replace a new jewelry.
    3, of course, you can also go to some gold shops to build the necklace back to the furnace. You can re -create a gold necklace or use the melted gold necklaces to create a gold ring, gold bracelet, gold pendant and other accessories. However, you can get another piece of your favorite items, you can experience another different visual experience, and there is a sense of freshness.
    This expansion information:
    This removal of dust
    This to clean the dust and dirt of gold jewelry. The easiest way is to wash it with a soft brush dipped in hot water. Dip soapy water with skim cotton balls and scrub without water alcohol, but do not use wear particles (such as toothpaste, polishing paste, fine sandpaper, or fine sand cloth, etc.) to avoid reducing the weight of the gold and causing losses.
    Baidu Encyclopedia: Gold Necklace

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer I know the question and answer owner "Lulu", hello (the customer service of non -consultation content and other customer service) is very happy to serve you. The question has been received. You can wait patiently ,️, you will definitely reply to you in three minutes! (Dear, this reply is for this question for reference answers, do not make the correct conclusion)nDear, hello: 1. If the gold necklace that has just been purchased has not been closed, you can see that it is still not in the warranty period. If within the warranty period, you can go to the previous jewelry shop for repair and bring a small small. Tickets, generally this situation will not be charged for maintenance costs. After repairing, the gold necklace can become perfect before. 2. If the gold necklace that has been purchased for a long time is broken, you can also click on the professional jewelry for maintenance. In terms of cost, the cost should be calculated according to the degree of breaks of the gold necklace. Wait. But it should be noted that if your gold necklace is very damaged, it cannot be repaired. 3. The gold necklace is broken. If you do not want to repair, you can go to the jewelry shop to replace the old, or directly sell the damaged gold necklace according to weight. Buy another favorite gold necklace. 4. If you still want to break the gold necklace and do not want to spend money to repair it, you can weld it yourself. However, it is easy to have a handicapped operation by yourself, which affects the aesthetics. 5. Return to the furnace. You can go to some gold shops to re -create a gold necklace, or use the melted gold necklaces to create golden rings, gold bracelets, gold pendants and other accessories. Experience freshness.nYou refer to the above suggestions! I hope my answer is helpful to youn1 morenBleak

  4. If the gold necklace is broken, it needs to be repaired or replaced by new. The following is a specific solution for reference:
    It to find after -sales service
    It first need to consider whether the gold necklace is available. In the warranty period, you can take the necklace and related materials to the jewelry shop for maintenance. Generally, the regular jewelry shop has such after -sales service, and after repair, you can help you clean it for free. After cleaning It's shining.
    2. You need to perform professional maintenance
    If the gold necklace has been worn for a long time, it has passed the warranty period, you can choose to go to some professional jewelry store repair centers. Generally, large jewelry shops have such services. The cost of repairing the gold necklace is generally calculated based on the degree and location of the necklace. Generally speaking, simple necklace repair costs only dozens of dollars of repair costs. However, if it is W deduction or to add gold, it is necessary to calculate it according to the weight and manual fee of Golden. Moreover, there are some degree and location of necklaces that may not be repaired. The specific situation needs to be information in jewelry shops. After all, some professional appliances need to be repaired and compensated to minimize losses as much as possible.
    3. You need to weld
    After the gold necklace is broken, you can also choose to weld it yourself, but this method is more troublesome, because if you welded well, it may affect the beauty of the gold necklace. It can be seen after welding, because if the welding place is not polished and polished. Then it will affect the aesthetics.
    4. The gold necklace is replaced by the new
    . If the gold necklace is broken, if you do not want to weld, you are afraid of affecting the beauty of the necklace, then there is actually a way to avoid this phenomenon. For the same quality necklace, you can also get it in the store to fuse the re -production necklace. When making, it is best to watch it yourself to avoid the weight of the gold to reduce the weight of the gold or add some other things to you.

  5. First of all, when buying the necklace anywhere, the seller will explain to you for a period of time. Generally, it is ranging from three to three years. If the necklace is broken during the warranty period, it can be repaired free of charge at the place where the invoice is purchased.
    Secondly, there will be several different maintenance methods if it exceeds the warranty period or the invoice is lost.
    The first: I am a slightly professional maintenance master, but it is estimated that most of the search will not be a professional maintenance master, otherwise there is no need to search for this problem. Next, I will tell you the second
    : Find the sales of the Sales Sister in the counter to help return to the factory to repairs. The advantage of this is that you are more assured, and you don't have to worry about the difference after repair and the original. The disadvantage is that the price is high and the time is long. (For example, a rhinestone is 150 in a counter in a place, a chain is 600, and it is only received in one month.) In order to avoid this, the third method is introduced.
    Third: Find some small golden shops in the local area. It is generally sold, maintenance, renovation shops. Generally only dozens of pieces. If I am here in Guangzhou, I find an old gold shop with shops with shops online and offline. At first, I went to the physical store in person. It was a young lady who received me. When the necklace was handed over to the younger sister ten minutes later The younger sister was finished. Later, a necklace was broken, and there was no time to send it to the physical store. Sending valuables (necklaces, bracelets, rings, rings) are the most worried is to drop the bag, cut short, deliberately wear, etc., but without reminding the younger sister, the younger sister was the first time when I received my necklace. Long, weighing, and then take a photo to me. I was sent to me the day after repairing. When marveling at Miss Sister's craftsmanship, she couldn't help but move for the sister. Next time I put the picture at the picture
    The friends who are entrusted can search for this Taobao shop and then go to the monthly sales and praise.

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