Is the hand -drawn in jewelry design the most important in the entire learning process?

I plan to go to Zhongpeng to learn jewelry design, but many friends around me said how important hand -painted is, I disagree, I want to refer to the opinions of more people, right?


  1. Yes, hand -drawn learning is to learn, because design needs to be used for hand -drawn, good designer hand -painted skills are also good. In the later work It is essential, you can also learn about the situation with their teachers.

  2. If you want to engage in the job of jewelry design in the future, hand -painted is the basic need. Jewelry designer. If you don’t learn hand -painted, how can you reflect your inspiration and what you want to express? So hand -drawn is one of the essential skills. If you are very interested to do this, but your hand -painted is not good Your own actual needs to complete the hopes you want to help you

  3. Hello,. Prepare a piece of white paper first, and then the pencil (when it is wrong, you can correct it). Fixed the starting point and start drawing. First draw the metal part

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