4 thoughts on “What are the roads for QQ Speed ​​to get permanent A and permanently out -of -print wings?”

  1. Hello! Now you can draw a car, big green worm: Rui Su (permanent) night legend (permanent) bath blood wings (permanent) Lianqi wings (permanent) god wings (permanent) violet, fantasy crystal ring, iron riding, AE86, big overlord and other days Car
    Small green worm: Golden God Beast, Flying Tiger King, Big Q (Permanent) Fire (Permanent) Fire (Permanent) Fantasy, Bing Chou, Set, etc. Renault 15 days, enlightenment 15 days, 30 days of magicians, 30 days of big horses, 30 days of red comet, renamed card, platinum ring, blue sea heart ring, heart rhino rings, grass rings
    gold dice, silver dice, evolution, evolution Bags, pet cards 1k, dark star dance wings 30 days, Zixuanli Yingying wings 30 days, flash thunder attachment stone 3
    purple cloud tiger: fantasy (permanent), king's wings (permanent) modification 2. 20 small speakers, 15 -day winding, big Q bar, purple blade, duckling sugar (end)
    auspicious tiger: diamond ring, gold ring, blue crystal ring, cherished ring. rn 紫龙蛋:幻想(15天) 针尖(15天)黄金羽翼(7天) 小喇叭(20个)rn 金牛蛋:黄金戒指铜戒指草戒指改装rn 笨蛋:圣The 15 -day needle 15 -day fire drill 15 days fantasy for 20 days
    New Year's Day: renamed card. The number of speakers does not wait, the smashing egg card is not waiting
    gold eggs: 7 days of fire, 7 days of wind. Razor, excellent. 15 days of annihilation. Modify the small speaker n Emerald eggs: silver key, storm blueprint, gold, gold, gold Key, copper key, hammer
    Wonderful sac: bullets 10 days, fleet badge
    Wish card: diamond ring, grass ring, copper ring, silver ring
    ) Sniper, Paladin, Silver Wing killer about 15 days (end)
    Red snow monsters: 10 days, enlightenment 5 days, Renault 7 days, Weizheng 15 days snowman pet n blue snow monsters : Snowman Pet, Mercedes -Benz 7 days, 15 days of excellence 5 days
    A blue rose bouquet gift box: flying tiger king, night legend 20 days, Athena 20 days, Moonlight goddess (20 days) Apollo (20 days) l2 L2 L2 Skateboard (20 days) The sword of the luminis 20 days, colorful butterfly ring, gold dice, magician 30 days, peak (30 days)
    red rose bouquet gift box: love god B car (permanent) rename card, cut jade big knife knife (20 days) The night legend 10 days shadow dancer 10 days cool orange skateboard (20 days)
    purple roses bouquet gift box: purple halberd (20 days) L2 skateboard (20 days) Moonlight goddess (20 days) sniper (20 days) sniper (20 days) sniper (20 days) sniper (20 days) 20 days) The legend of the night legend 20 days gold dice recruiting cat
    gold medal dumplings: Alpha (7), Ruisu (20), Apocalypse (20), L2 skateboard (20) Feng Caixia wings (15), cut jade Big knife (15), renamed card gold dice, modification 2. Double experience card
    delicious dumplings: 7 days of shadow dancers, like the out -of -print A car Kirin (10 days) of the C -car
    New Year God of Wealth: 3 Days/Blizzard (Permanent). Digital Renault, Fire Diamond, Battle Blood Wings (20 days), renamed card, evolution package, gold ring, silver ring, blue crystal honey ring, several BC cars (end) r r
    The tiger bone key: flying tiger king, 2 silver dice, ripple wings (20 days), colorful twelve wings (20 days), L3 sprint (20 days), A silver wing killer (25), blade (25) ), Blue Devils (40 days), Rex (25), L2 skateboard 25 days, modification 2
    Visite gift box: colorful twelve wings (15 days), Moonlight goddess (20 days), Venus ( 20 days), Athena (20 days), the legend of the night (20 days) recruiting cats,
    colorful Lantern Festival: Golden soul chasing 15 days, permanent lit sword, Rex 30 days. During the day, L3 sprint, flying tiger king, red comet 40 days
    Golden god beast, 40 days of aurora, 30 days from wings, love crown ring. , Modification, pet experience 1000
    Small Lantern Festival: Sword of Light (Permanent), Ledse XA (10 days) 桀 (10 days) Viper (10 days), L2 skateboard (15 days) Flying Tiger King, Blue Devils ( 30 days) heart heart ring, silver dice, Pet experience 500

    Dice: Please ignore the prizes directly. About the dice of the gold dice consumer voucher is cost -effective, or the 1.25W dot coupon is costly. Make calculation
    The average value of around 1100, the highest gold dice returns 1370, the lowest 1000, this depends on your RP, some people make a little cheap, some people are basically the same as 1.25W
    comprehensive Calculate 100QB to buy 12 gold dice. If your RP is poor, every time is the lowest 1000, then you have 1.2W coupons, and at the same time you get a lot of horn and some boring outfits
    Hand (15 days), Bulls (15 days), L2 skateboard (15 days), a few cars, the sword of the number of days, cut jade sword
    (10 days), L2 skateboard (10 days), god wings, renamed card, 3 fires, 15 days of Thunder (end)
    3 Ronald Pan jade scrolls: black gold razor, Hornet (permanent), chariot (Permanent), Golden Wings (Permanent), Dark Night (7 days) Apollo 20 days of Mercedes -Benz 20 -day flowing sword (30 days) flying sky wings 30 days, renamed card. Evolution package
    Razor, Golden Wing (Permanent) Raling (Permanent), fantasy 15 days, 15 days of the bull flying sky wings 15 days, flowing light sword, bath blood wings
    1 compass bang Dark scroll: 10 days Mercedes Wing 7 -day golden brown leaves
    Golden fruit basket watermelon: 15 -day windstart, needle tip (permanent), king's wings (permanent) war god wings (15 days) Sword of Lighting 30 -day ninja rabbit n Purple gold Fruit frame: Ibid
    The watermelon of the silver fruit frame: modification, excellent (permanent), Bull (15 days) Mercedes -Benz (15 days) Silver fruit frame of Silver Fruits: The wings of the God of War 10 days
    Gold ingot treasure Tree: 10 days of Mercedes -Benz
    Golden Solo: Renault (permanent), 15 days of Bulls Bulls Tiger (permanent), Fallen Angel (15) Silver Blossom Ring, Pet Rabbit. Fallen angel 15 days, electric guitar 20 days
    Xiazhulou: Speed, Dark Night, Prince White Horse (Permanent) Copper Ring
    -fragrant rice dumplings: 7 -day Seraph, Diamond Ring Platinum Ring Treasure Ring
    Golden 粽15 days of fire drill 15 days iron ride for 15 days, duckling
    ice skin moon cake: Rui Speed ​​(10 days), fire diamond (15 days), Renault (15 days), fantasy (15 days). Iron riding (15 days) (15 days) ) Bathing blood wings (15 days) big Q (15 days) Heart bead ring, modification,
    assorted moon cake: silver flower ring heart bead ring, 7 days of wind, 7 days blue dragon, 10 days of Ruisu
    Lightning Appendix Stone: 10 days, Mercedes -Benz. Holy Angel wings 15 days, Blasting Knight wings 15 days. Butterfly ring
    Holy Jie enchanting stone: 10 days 桀 骜, 10 days of continuous version A ice blade n fantasy enchanting enchantment Stone: Thunder 7 -day ice soul and 7 days, flying card double card modification
    sacred fire species pumpkin lamp: Apollo 7 days Athena 7 days 10 days of sacred god wings pulse 10 days
    Little devil cleaning: Heart ring, gold ring, renamed card
    Big belly vacuum cleaner: 15 days of storm snow, saints (20 days) Fantasy (20 days). The team badge, renamed the card
    Electric sweeping machine: the saints 15 days fantasy 15 days of Renault 15 days, the team badge, Mercedes -Benz 15 days
    Paladin 15 -day Golden Wing (Permanent) Little Silver shovel: Paladin 7 -day acupuncture and 7 days
    Small wood shovel: evolving package, smashed egg card
    Electric floor sweeping machine: 15 days fantasy 15 days fantasy 15 days Renault 15 days, fleet badge
    Star Dream Bottle Red Star: Renault (7), Speed ​​(7). Moonlight Goddess (7 days) Elf God wings 7 days
    Venus of Star Dream Bottle Venus: Apollo (10), Blade (10), Golden Wing (10 days)
    The purple star of Star Dream Bottle: Saint (10). Purple Halberd (10). n Purple conch to find true love: Moonlight goddess 15 days White horse prince 15 days
    purple conch true love eternity: popular 15 days sacred angel 15 days moonlight goddess 15 days
    mysterious summoning Phoenix Bird 7 days, galaxy 15 days. Golden fruit basket, love grass ring
    mysterious summoning Phoenix King: 15 days fire drill 15 days of thunder 15 days .b car big q bar 15 days, pulse 15 days, 15 days of AE86 tofu car, colorful cloud 15 days r r r r r r r r r
    ordinary chicken feathers: shadow dancers (7 days), Mercedes (7 days), Phantom Elf Wings (10 days) love grass rings, renamed card, modified
    Plip Chicken Maoxin: Fantasy 10 days S Platinum Razor 7 days, 15 days of fire, 15 days of pulse, AE86 (15 days) evolving bag
    blessing bags: needle tip 10 days, 10-15 days, fire drill 10 days, 10 days, bulls, 15 days, day bath blood wings, fantasy god. Elf wings, 15 days of God of War Wings
    Platinum wish bottle: Venus 15 days iron ride 15 days
    crystal wish bottle: team micro chapter, silver ring, Spring Festival key, modified 1, flying card, dress up one Packing
    Golden treasure chest: Saint (10 days) Fire (15 days) Wind (15 days) annihilated 15 days shadow assassin 15 -day gold rings (20)
    Silver treasure chest: Shadow 7 days silver Ring, golden ring, love grass ring copper ring, 5 star fire species
    purple gold treasure chest: 20 days of blood wings for blood wings for 10 days
    Spring Festival Golden Treasure box (key) 7 days
    Copper treasure box: Blasting blueprint, renamed card, sacred fire species
    Magic lanterns: Shadow 7 days fire drill 7 days, Athena 7 days
    Lucky monk: Bullet 15 days of fire 15 days 15 days 15 days of storm snow, gold ring, copper ring, copper ring

  2. Jade Scrolls: S black gold razor 10 days big Horge (permanent) chariot (permanent) golden wings (permanent Apollo 20 days Mercedes -Benz 20 days to fly sky wings 30 days
    Purple gold fruit basket: popular 15 -day acupuncture (permanent) king king Wings (Permanent)
    Golden fruit basket: Popular 15 -day acupuncture (permanent) Wing (permanent)
    silver fruit basket: excellent (permanent)
    Renault (Permanent) Battay Tiger (Permanent)
    Little Silou: Dark Night 7 -day Prince White Horse (Permanent) Lighting 7 -day Golden Roasted Jade Scrolls (Permanent)
    Beauty watermelon may get needle tip (permanent)
    . Golden Lou Kaishi hairy crabs may get Renault (permanent)
    Purple gold fruit basket: needle tip (permanent)
    】 Bathing blood -wing strawberry: Emperor Tiansai Love God Cupid: Twilight Wing Sheepskin Scrolls: Battle Blood Wings

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