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  1. 24K gold is pure gold, the theoretical value is 100%; correspondingly, 1k = 1/24, 14K = 100%/24*14 = 58.333%(585 ‰). In order to facilitate the identification, the gold content of 14K gold is generally agreed to 58.5%.

  2. 14K Gold (14K GOLD) is a Kim with the gold content stipulated in China’s national standard GB11887— 2008 “Regulations and Name Methods”, which is commonly known as “60%gold”, which is at least. limit.
    14k gold is lighter than the golden gold, so the gold jewelry made of it often needs to be plated again. After long -term use, it will be discolored due to the surface plating of the surface. Some people like to use this jewelry. However, the concept of appreciation of foreign countries is different. They do not pay attention to the inlaid metal, but focus on gems, so their embedded treasure jewelry uses 14K gold.
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